Fall Health Transformation Retreat

Welcome to a week-long transformational experience nested in a 28-day Seasonal Cleanse.

 Sept 16th-23rd, 2023

In the Northern California Redwoods


Designed to re-engineer your wellness and alter your health trajectory for the rest of your life.


 Step into nature,

. . . leave your devices at the door,

. . . take a deep breath of fresh air,

. . . set pause and listen to your body.


One of the best ways to catalyze a health transformation is to step out of your day-to-day routine and receive care and nurturing from a Wellness Team.


 My favourite thing about the retreat was.....

"My favorite thing was the holistic support at the retreat. More than the food, rest, and treatments; it was the trust within retreat community that change is possible that made the difference for me. The insight and belief from the practitioners kept self-doubt from creeping in. My health goals seem possible within this kind of environment, and weeks later I still sense that support."

The most surprising thing that happened was….

I sometimes found the days filled with too many wonderful choices and had to step back for a moment of self-reflection. Whatever I thought my barriers to optimal health were before the retreat, I discovered a few root causes that I was not expecting.

Suzi, 2022 Retreat Attendee

What did you gain from the retreat?

“The Health Transformation Retreat on the Farm is an experience that serves body, mind and soul. I loved every aspect of it and feel inclined to list my favorites:

  • Sleeping in the Outdoor King size bed (it has an awning, so I wish it had rained!) The forest held me while I slumbered at a level not experienced at home.
  • Morning tea, mediation, and journaling with new friends around a fireside felt very spacious in my body and was not a practice I had started on my own. Waking with the sun is surprising rejuvenating, and worth it even if my mind says “Just hit Snooze!”
  • Chef Jeff’s food AND getting to cook with him was so fun and informative.  I learned to be more creative and use the Cleanse Cookbook as a “Guide” vs a script. He gave me the courage to experiment.
  • The healing modalities offered brought expansion of which I experience at home, but at the retreat it compounds due to sequential opportunity, the location and the healers collaborating to support the guests. This alone is worth returning every year!
  • Compression of time! I arrived still feeling toxic from eating out while on the road and left the retreat feeling full of joy, energy, and renewed commitment to preserve on my desired health journey.”

- Lynn, 2022 and 2023 Retreat Attendee

 Anything else you want to share?

Taking the time away to build new habits and invest in my health was just what I needed. I had my doubts what impact five days could have, but it was It has been surprising to me how easy reintegrating into daily life has been, and how much I have been able to bring home and apply. The follow-up with Dr. Bonnie and the group has been helpful, and I still communicate with my new friends on a daily basis.

- Anne, 2022 Retreat Attendee

Join Dr. Bonnie and Team for this Fall Health Transformation Retreat.  An experience designed for you to gain clarity on your health desires, drop deep into healing and return home to fully integrate your experience.





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Bio-Energetic Retreat Schedule

  • Morning guided meditation
  • Hike to the ridge or yoga in the yard
  • Smoothie and green drink nourishment
  • Harvest from Farm Garden
  • Small group chef-skills class
  • Massage in the outdoor gazebo
  • Chef-prepared lunch from the farm garden
  • Quiet time to rest and journal
  • Medicinal salve and clay production for self-care
  • Forest bathing in Armstrong Woods Park
  • Constitutional hydrotherapy
  • Chef-prepared dinner from the farm garden
  • Fireside stories to entertain and inspire



What's Included?

✔️Chef-prepared, farm-to-table vegan meals
✔️Massage or craniosacral therapy.
✔️ Morning and evening circle with Dr. Bonnie.
✔️ Forest Bathing in the old-growth redwoods.
✔️ Hydrotherapy: contrast outdoor bath, swimming pool cold plunge, clay-
Epson salt-essential oil soak, bare-footed dew walking (also called
✔️ Cooking lessons with Chef Jeff Hauptman.
✔️Rest and Restoration on the farm.
✔️ Camping or dorm housing with facilities providing flush toilets, showers,
 and outdoor baths.

Want a housing upgrade? We have 2 lovely units onsite.

1. Studio with queen bed and ¾ bath – sleeps 1 or 2
2. Suit with queen bed, trundle bed and ¾ bath – sleeps 2-3
Want private camping without the hassle of bringing the gear?
3. Private glamping tent with inflatable queen bed


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Prepare: Pre-Retreat 

Prepare your body, your mind and your home for cleaner living.


Cleanse Companion Cookbook.  

Seasonal Cleanse Workbook.  

Live virtual Q&A with Dr. Bonnie.

Participate: The Retreat

September 16-23, 2023

Join Dr. Bonnie and the team for 7 days at the farm to plug into the healing abundance of nature and re-discover the keys to your wellness.


A 7-day retreat on Dr. Bonnie’s farm in Northern California.

100% organic vegan fare from the farm garden.

Cooking lessons with author Chef Jeff Hauptman.

Massage and Hydrotherapy.

Guided meditation.

Art Therapy.

Herbal Tea Harvest and Ceremony.

Forest bathing in an old-growth redwood forest. 

Day trip to the beautiful Sonoma Coast.

Housing: dorm-style cabin, private tent camping/glamping, or classic suite.

Quiet time on the farm in the garden, the woods, or poolside.



Seasonal Cleanse Online-Live and On-Demand Course September 25th - October 16th  


Your Sleeping Space at the Farm

  Option #1

Includes onsite heated showers and soaking tubs and nearby flush toilets 

✔️Bring your own tent and bedding.

✔️Drive your own camper.

✔️Share lodging with other attendees in the indoor-outdoor group cabin.

         No additional cost. and yes lololololololololllolololo 

Option #2

Private glamping without the hassle of bringing the gear 

Includes onsite heated showers and soaking tubs and nearby flush toilets 

(tent, chair and bedding provided)

Yurt style walk-in tent with deluxe cot and chairs

$95 per night single

$60 per night/per person double

Option #3

Private indoor suite with 3/4 bath

Lovely onsite Suite for 1-3 people with one Queen bed and one trundle bed in private nook. 

$195 per night. 





Saturday, September 16th

➡Check in 3-5 PM, meet the team and tour the farm
➡Fireside circle with Dr. Bonnie

Sunday September 17th

➡Morning gratitude circle with Dr. Bonnie
➡Breakfast smoothy and green drink bar
➡Forest Bathing with Nichole
➡Massage or Hydrotherapy
➡Rest in hammock or poolside
➡Fire Circle Stories


Monday September 18th

➡Morning gratitude circle with Dr. Bonnie
➡Breakfast smoothy and green drink bar
➡Garden harvest
➡Yoga in the yard
➡Chef lead kitchen skills lab and/or self-care*
➡Massage or Hydrotherapy
➡Alchemy: Bath Salts
➡Making fermented veggies with Chef Jeff
➡Warming socks


Tuesday September 19th

➡Morning gratitude circle with Dr. Bonnie
➡Breakfast smoothy and green drink bar
➡Forest Hike
➡Chef lead kitchen skills lab and/or self-care*
➡Massage or Hydrotherapy
➡Alchemy: Clay Mask
➡Castor oil pack application


Wednesday September 20th

➡Morning gratitude circle with Dr. Bonnie
➡Breakfast smoothy and green drink bar
➡Garden harvest
➡Yoga in the yard
➡Massage or Hydrotherapy
➡Chef lead knife skills
➡Trip to the Sonoma Coast (30-minute drive)
➡Picnic Dinner


Thursday, September 21st

➡Morning gratitude circle with Dr. Bonnie
➡Breakfast smoothy and green drink bar
➡Garden harvest and apple gathering
➡Massage or Hydrotherapy
➡Apple press fresh juice
➡Massage or Hydrotherapy
➡Alchemy: herbal vinegar
➡Chef lead kitchen skills lab and/or self-care
➡Forest Bathing with Nichole


Friday September 22nd

➡Morning gratitude circle with Dr. Bonnie
➡Breakfast smoothy and green drink bar
➡Garden harvest
➡Hike to Bonnie's forest alter
➡Massage or Hydrotherapy
➡Chef lead kitchen skills lab and/or self-care
➡Alchemy: calendula salve
➡Fire circle stories


Saturday, September 23rd  

➡Morning fireside circle with Dr. Bonnie
➡Checkout by noon


* Self-care options: swim in the pool, rest in a hammock or swing, connect with nature in the gardens and orchard, take an outdoor side-by-side bath, nature based art


Need a ride to and from Sonoma Airport? No worries, our team will pick
you up Saturday afternoon and take you back the following Saturday.



1.5 hours north of San Francisco between Santa Rosa and the Coast


Charles M. Schultz, Sonoma County Airport in Santa Rosa

30-minute shuttle from the airport to the retreat provided

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Your way to vibrant health does not come from a box and is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It is a discovery that requires a journey into yourself.