Dr. Bonnie's Flagship Programs

Keto Boot Camp

Live Class: January - February 2025


Dates To Be Announced

This 6-week course is designed to lead you through keto-adaptation and train your body to burn fat. You only need to keto-adapt once in a lifetime, however, it is critical that when you do adapt, you are prepared for both success and safety. Training your body to convert fat to ketones and use ketones for fuel is a metabolic reset for most people.

Self-assess your health and prepare to keto-adapt

  • Identify your health goals and milestones

  • Learn what foods and macronutrient balance help you make ketones

  • Know when and how to detox as needed 

  • Optimize adrenal circadian rhythms

  • Exercise to support fat-burning and meet your health goals

  • Learn how to use fasting to heal from chronic disease

  • Discover your optimal rotation diet to achieve and maintain metabolic flexibility for life

Ultimately, Keto-Boot Camp is designed to help you keto-adapt and then obtain metabolic flexibility, the ability to burn fat or carbohydrates based on how you live and what you eat.

Keto-Boot Camp Class Materials and Activities:

✔️Six LIVE classes with Q&A with Dr. Bonnie

✔️Metabolic Flexibility eBook

✔️Six video instructional classes

✔️Weekly group email support

✔️Handouts and worksheets



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4-Day Liver Flush 


July 29, 2024 - 4-5:30 PM PT

One of Dr. Bonnie’s Seven Strategies of Detoxification the 4-Day Liver Flush designed to mobilize fatty chemicals and eliminate them from your body.

The diet for the summer version of this cleanse is a green drink, grapefruit cream-cycle and chia pudding, plus as many organic vegetable as you enjoy. You will take some herbs and supplements to support detox and end the cleanse with a gentle purge.    

Think of this quick and easy cleanse as a digestive tune-up and human oil change. Great quick summer cleanse. Use as a reset between celebratory events and travel. 

$48 plus supplies


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28-Day Seasonal Cleanse


Mondays in October 2024

4-5:30 PM PT

The 28-Day Seasonal Cleanse Class is a gentle and safe program that's based on nutritious foods and self-care. It is designed for healthy people, people with chronic disease and anyone who wants to increase their vitality and reduce their risks for illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and dementia. 

Why Cleanse?

An annual cleanse is a tune-up for your body. Most people know that their car will run better and last longer with regular oil changes and tune-ups. However, taking the same care of our bodies is often overlooked. Invest in this program once or twice a year to optimize your health and reduce your body-burden of toxic chemicals. 

 Cleanse Class Materials and Activities

✔️Audio recordings of live classes

✔️Dr. Bonnie’s cleanse e-books The Seasonal Cleanse Workbook and The Cleanse Companion Cookbook

✔️5 pre-recorded video self-study classes

✔️5 pre-recorded guided imagery audio recordings

✔️Handouts and worksheets


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