Metabolic Balance Program

With Dr. Bonnie, ND

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Metabolism is at the root of health and vitality - it is the source of energy, stimulates repair and maintains the health of every cell in your body. When in balance, metabolism orchestrates continual building and recycling to keep your systems running smoothly and protect you from chronic disease.

How Metabolic Balance is Lost

There are many forces that can send your metabolism out of balance: hormonal change, inflammatory foods, chronic stress, poor sleep, shift in gut microbes, environmental chemicals and simply aging.

Heal Your Metabolism

The good news is that you can heal your metabolism at any age. The first step is discovering what is needed to get your metabolism moving. The next step is accessing the tools and support to make lifestyle changes that will bring your metabolism back into balance.

A 6-9 month concierge program to support you on you journey to metabolic balance.

Step 1: Comprehensive Interview

In-depth review of your life-long health to uncover the root causes of your current health challenges

Step 2: Objective Assessment

Lab analyses to identify deficiencies and functional metabolic imbalances.


Step 3: Your Roadmap

Your roadmap for the next 6 months with milestones and tangible goals.

This program is designed for your metabolic health transformation. You will have complete engagement and enjoy regular points of contact to support your success. 

What is Included?


  • A Comprehensive 2-hour visit to review health history, create your custom lab order and outline first steps for lifestyle shifts.
  • Dr. Bonnie's Comprehensive lab panel customized for you
  • Deep Dive Planning session to map out your strategy for the next 6 months. 


  1. Monthly Strategy Sessions to review progress, analyze new labs and modify treatment plan for success.
  2. Quick check-ins to support your progress and to modify your plan for any change in circumstance.
  3. Chat message as needed during business hours.


  1. Complete set of Dr. Bonnie's Books
  2. Access to educational live and recorded masterclasses
  3. Custom Wellness Plan
  4. Personalized nutrition plan
  5. Biomarker Tracking Sheet with lab comparison
  6. 15% off online supplements




  • $1,200 for the discovery phase including visits and bloodwork
  • Dr. Bonnie's 3-book set
  • $720 per month for ongoing guidance and resources
  • All Resources for the duration of care



10% discount

  • Discovery Phase
  • Dr. Bonnie's 3-book set
  • Bonnie's Comprehensive blood panel
  • 6-months of Guidance
  • All Resources for the duration of care
Your health is your greatest asset. Invest in yourself today for all your tomorrows. 

Let's make sure this is a great fit for both of us. Book your discovery call so we can compare notes. 

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